Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong

Kim's summit with Trump has captured intense global attention after a turn to diplomacy in recent months after serious fears of war past year amid North Korean nuclear and missile tests.

"We will all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen!" he wrote.

Inside, they sat alongside each other against a backdrop of North Korean and USA flags, with Kim beaming broadly as the US president gave him a thumbs up. Beyond the impact on both leaders' political fortunes, the summit could shape the fate of countless people - the citizens of impoverished North Korea, the tens of millions living in the shadow of the North's nuclear threat, and millions more worldwide.

Replied the guy who, nine months earlier, compared Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly to the sound of a barking dog: "It has not been easy to come to this point".

"They may be able to pull rabbits out of a hat that the rest of us conventional diplomats would not have been able to do", he said.

The summit's venue is the Capella hotel on Sentosa, a resort island off Singapore's port with luxury hotels, a Universal Studios theme park and man-made beaches. The North Korean leader's sister and close confidante Kim Yo Jong was among the lunch party.

Singapore pays for Kim Jong Un's hotel during Trump summit

0354 They have emerged from the meeting and are getting ready for lunch. After the earlier insults and incitements, there was no way to overstate the stakes - and worldwide hopes for an easing of tensions - involved in putting Trump and Kim in the same room together, joined only by their translators. As he sought to build a bridge with Kim, he was smashing longtime alliances with Western allies with his abrasive performance at the G-7. In some instances, past deals struck by previous USA administrations with North Korea paused - but failed to roll back - North Korea's program, which has only grown over the years.

Mattis added that discussions about US troop numbers on the peninsula would be "premature" ahead of the outcome of negotiations between the two leaders Tuesday. "I can only say this", Pompeo said.

Trump was open to staying in Singapore longer in case things went well and North Korea wanted to continue the discussion, according to reports.

Rodman, sporting a black t-shirt advertising a cryptocurrency he is involved with, said he was unsure whether he would get to meet with Kim - a man he has previously described as a "friend for life".

Rodman ― who claimed a Trump aide had recently called him and told him that "Donald Trump is so proud of you, he thanks you a lot" ― had some words of wisdom for the president.

Totalitarian North Korea's governing ideology of "Juche", which champions self-sufficiency, has brought little but decades of economic stagnation, widespread poverty and, at times, starvation. "That's what I do".

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