LDS Church to cut ties with Boy Scouts of America

The announcement also came less than a week after the Boy Scouts announced it would be changing its flagship name to Scouts BSA, promoting its decision previous year to welcome girls into the program for the first time.

The church said it wants to explore global youth programs that can serve its members outside the U.S.

In another statement Tuesday, the church encouraged members to continue their participation and financial support of the Scouts until the relationship ends in December 2019.

Robison, who is also a part of the latter day saints church, said any young man who is part of a Mormon congregation automatically becomes part of the Boy Scouts. In the last five years, the Boy Scouts began admitting gay and transgender Scouts, and ended its ban on openly gay adult leaders.

After a more than century-long relationship, the Mormon Church is breaking up with the Boy Scouts. Likewise, any boy accepted into Girl Scouts (if the organization is ever required to accept them) will never be "one of the girls".

For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America and the Mormon church formed an ideal pair as they helped each other expand their organizations and build their brands while molding countless young men through bow knots, pinewood derby races and campouts.

She has continues to volunteer in local service unit events and serves as a member of the Girl Scout Board.

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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are lobbying in multiple states against legislation that could expose the group to lawsuits over old child abuse cases, according to a report in The Washington Post.

There were Mormon troops like his, he said, where everybody made it to Eagle Scout, the highest rank. The denomination's approximately 470,000 boys who participate in Scouting will be moved into a new program that the LDS Church is developing to replace the Boy Scouts.

The church has been the BSA's largest faith-based chartering organization and LDS boys have comprised about 1 in 6 Scouts. This move could have major ramifications for the organization.

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Church leaders say they will create their own youth program. What's more, the program will begin allowing girls beginning next year. The church reportedly paid the same annual lump sum it paid to the BSA in 2017 to tiresome the impact of such a major loss of revenue, Deseret News reported.

A poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, on behalf of, showed at the time that 63 percent of self-described "very active" Mormons wanted the LDS Church to cut ties with the BSA over the decision. On these scores, they are everything that the Boy Scouts used to be.

  • Megan Austin