Man Eats 30000th Big Mac, Setting New World Record

Loyal McDonald's patron Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, continued his 46-year streak of eating multiple Big Mac burgers almost every day, with Friday's Big Mac getting him up to No. 30,000.

Over the past 44 years, Gorske has only gone a day without eating a Big Mac eight times.

One man is now the proud owner of a tasty new world record.

He said his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal and he weighs five pounds less than he did in 2011 when he ate his 25,000 Big Mac.

Rause said that Gorske's passion for the Big Mac is exceptional and has been a loyal customer at the Military Road McDonald's for more than four decades.

Gorske has obsessive compulsive disorder and a strong memory for detail, which have been factors in his meticulous documentation of his hobby - he has calculated that he took just 356 days to eat his first 1,000 Big Macs.

"We are lovin' Don Gorske's enthusiasm for our iconic Big Mac sandwich and appreciate his ongoing loyalty", said a spokesman for McDonald's US.

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He even has the day when McDonald's switched to shredded lettuce marked down: February 10, 1999.

A Fond du Lac man who holds the Guinness world record for eating Big Macs celebrated another major milestone Friday. He also appeared in the movie Supersize Me. In 2006, he crossed the finish line of the San Diego marathon with his 21,387th Big Mac in hand.

But it's an absurd number of Big Macs.

"I love the patties, I love the sauce, I can't get enough of it", said the Wisconsin native.

"I also made a promise to my mom".

He says that he eats two a day. On April 27 1988, he was true to his word.

After he was honoured, he did exactly what you'd expect - he bought another Big Mac to eat when he got home.

  • Ronnie Bowen