Almost 3 million Pennsylvanian's had Facebook data shared

Emerdata is funded by Robert Mercer, an investor in Cambridge Analytica and his two daughters Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer, have also joined Emerdata as company directors.

Cambridge Analytical, the firm at the centre of a political firestorm following Facebook data breach scandal, announced shutdown but, some reports say, it will continue business under a different name.

The company is just rebranding, according to tech news website, which said that the United Kingdom official registrar of businesses and organizations, Companies House, lists an active company called Emerdata Limited, which is headquartered at the same offices as SCL Elections, the political arm of the company, and is run by the same individuals.

The company opted for a shutdown following waning confidence from its clients. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, however, there is more internal momentum to pursue it, according to the report.

Cambridge Analytica also hired an outside lawyer to investigate the allegations. "The siege of media coverage has driven away virtually all of the company's customers and suppliers". It also seems that the company had not considered a business continuity plan for a reputation crisis of this magnitude.

Emerdata Limited, set up in August 2017, moved offices this February to the same Canary Wharf address as Cambridge Analytica's parent organisation SCL Elections.

It doesn't appear the closure would directly affect the parent company, SCL Group, making it more hard to get rid of evidence on insolvency grounds.

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Julian Wheatland, the recently appointed CEO of Cambridge Analytica, reportedly told staffers that it had evaluated all options and saw no way forward.

"There was indication the company was in trouble and change would be coming, but we didn't see this as the resolution", the source reveals.

My colleague Paul Wagenseil had it right more than a month ago, when Facebook's woes with Cambridge Analytic taking data pulled from the social networking site first came to light: Facebook taking the data you've willing given up and handing it over to other people is exactly how that company operates.

This message from Facebook appears if a user's personal data has been shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Aleksandr Kogan, a researcher hired by the firm, was the one who created the said test. In fact, many people have cited data use as a primary reason for leaving the platform. Kogan sold that data to the firm to develop "psychographic profiles" of American voters.

Individuals and businesses are typically required to preserve evidence for known investigations, and in the is a crime to intentionally destroy records or documents in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

  • Megan Austin