Top Committee Democrats announce opposition to secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo

Republicans said they would take the nomination to a vote by the entire Senate anyway, in a rarely used manoeuvre they predict would result in approval of the president's choice for top diplomat.

Paul confirmed to reporters that he would meet with Pompeo on Thursday after receiving a call from Trump.

And by the way, he just left North Korea. John McCain back in Arizona battling cancer, Republicans would need a single Democrat to vote in favor of Pompeo should each of the 49 Republicans vote for the nomination. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., and Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., as three Democrats from states that Trump won big in 2016.

Pompeo faced tough questions during his confirmation hearing before the Senate foreign relations committee last week.

Heitkamp said she also didn't have concerns about Pompeo's meeting with Kim Jong Un as she decides whether to back him.

The United States has been without a full-fledged secretary of state since March 22, when the fired Rex Tillerson's duties were passed to a deputy. "So yeah, you know what, if I were in the Senate my guess is that I'd probably be inclined to vote to confirm him", Himes said.

"I think that Mike will be in good shape", Trump added.

"He is that kind of guy, he is really smart but he gets along with people".

"The preparation, certainly, is welcome - there's no way that Donald Trump should go into that meeting without a lot of groundwork being laid", Sen.

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Another undecided, Democratic Sen.

While Cotton and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on the call that Pompeo's trip to North Korea underscores the need to push through his confirmation as the top USA diplomat, his meeting with Kim in the role of Central Intelligence Agency director wasn't unprecedented.

Conway told reporters that Trump "is already viewing Director Pompeo as the nation's chief diplomat".

But the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and American Civil Liberties Union of North America both say it's a mistake for the university to investigate Jarrar for merely saying something offensive about Bush.

Pompeo, meanwhile, has used his one year as the country's top spy to build a close relationship with Trump. "I sense a certain disdain for diplomacy in Mike Pompeo that I believe disqualifies him from being our next senior diplomat".

Mr Pompeo's backers pointed to his meeting with Kim, which Mr Trump confirmed on Wednesday, as proof of Pompeo's commitment to diplomacy.

Cotton rejected that, citing Pompeo's trip to Pyongyang. But even then, Republicans only hold a two-vote advantage over Democrats in the full Senate. Paul is the only Republican senator to publicly oppose Pompeo's nomination.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders urged Democrats Wednesday to "put politics aside, acknowledge our national security is too important, and confirm Mike Pompeo".

  • Megan Austin