Michael Cohen drops libel suits against BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS

President Trump's personal attorney dropped a pair of libel lawsuits against BuzzFeed and investigation firm Fusion GPS amid the stir caused by an FBI search of the lawyer's files.

Cohen had sued both Fusion GPS and BuzzFeed News, which published the contents of Steele's dossier, for libel in 2017.

Cohen, who has been under criminal investigation by the feds for months and whose office and home were raided by FBI agents last week, abandoned the lawsuits late Wednesday, Politico reported.

The dossier notoriously made mention of a "pee tape" - a video that allegedly shows Trump watching prostitutes urinate on a bed President Obama supposedly slept on - as well as an August 2016 meeting in Prague between Cohen and Kremlin officials.

Cohen vehemently denied it when the report came out, tweeting a picture of his passport, which he said would prove he'd never been to Prague. "But given the events that have unfolded, and the time, attention and resources needed to prosecute these matters, we have dismissed the matters, despite their merits".

"With his decision, it appears that Mr. Cohen can now focus on his many other legal travails", it said. McClatchy said Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence that Cohen traveled to Prague through Germany.

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President Trump's personal attorney, leaves federal court in NY on Monday.

"The lawsuits against BuzzFeed over the Steele dossier have never been about the merits of our decision to publish it". Cohen's lawyers have also requested a stay in the Stormy Daniels lawsuit playing out in court in Los Angeles.

"If there's one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on today, it's that the dossier was an important part of the government's investigation into potential collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russian Federation", he continued.

The salacious document, which BuzzFeed published on January 10, 2017, makes a series of allegations about Trump and members of his campaign.

In his statement Thursday morning, the Buzzfeed spokesperson repeated the company's claim that the dossier's "interest to the public is, and always has been, obvious".

However, the president and members of his administration have long denied these claims, repeating time and time again that there was "no collusion" between the two entities.

  • Megan Austin