Cuomo plans to restore voting rights to paroled felons

"I think that's the kind of resume that a progressive leader of NY state should have right now", she said, to applause from the audience.

"These individuals are active participants in society at large who, despite the limitations placed on them by parole conditions, work, pay taxes, and support their families and should be permitted to express their opinions about the choices facing their communities through their votes". Cuomo claims the New York State Senate has opposed legislation he put forth to give them voting rights.

This executive order will open the voting booths to more than 35,000 New Yorkers now on parole.

Barone said he was contacted by the governor's office shortly before the executive order was signed. According to the Daily News, Cuomo assailed teachers as more interested in members' rights than student needs.

Gov. Cuomo made the announcement Wednesday at the National Action Network.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said Cuomo should worry about "the failure of a parole system that could set free a remorseless, three-time cop-killer like Herman Bell" rather than the rights of parolees. "It gives you a platform", Nixon said.

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By issuing an executive order, Cuomo was able to sidestep the state Legislature, where the Republican leaders of the state Senate could have blocked the move. Labor unions that back incumbent Andrew Cuomo left the WFP in retaliation, creating a rift between labor and the progressive party they had helped to found.

Nixon, who is reported by The Cut as having more than a decade of experience as an activist, is running on issues including education, marijuana legalization and LGBTQ rights, and is hoping to unseat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D).

Furthermore, the governor says parole voting restrictions disproportionally impacted African American and Hispanic New Yorkers.

At the convention, top New York Democrats outlined their vision for a fairer New York and the way to fight the Trump administration before a 200-plus strong crowd at the NAN convention. But you still don't have a right to vote. "It's bad public policy, it circumvents the law".

When Colbert asked her whether she could be both an actress and a politician, Nixon name-dropped actress Glenda Jackson, who took a 25-year hiatus from her thespian career to serve in Parliament.

  • Megan Austin