Canadian Insta Model Cops 8 Year Sentence For Trafficking Coke Into Sydney

A Canadian drug mule who tried to help smuggle $21 million worth of cocaine into Australia on a cruise ship will spend at least four years in jail.

Prior to her sentencing, Roberge wrote a letter to the court, explaining that she embarked upon the trip to "take photos of myself in exotic locations for likes and attention, and hurt so many people in the process", Channel 7 reported.

Roberge, Lagacé and André Tamine, a 65-year-old Montreal man, were all arrested upon arriving in Australia on August 28, 2016.

The sentence consists of a mandatory minimum of four years and nine months before she likely faces deportation back to Canada, according to the Associated Press. The MS Sea Princess-which sailed through Ireland, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, and Peru- docked in Sydney, Australia, where it was raided by the Australian Border Force, leading to the eventual discovery of Roberge and her suitcase full of cocaine.

Co-defendant Isabelle Lagace, 30, a former porn star, traveled with Roberge and the pair often posted bikini-clad photos of themselves with tropical backdrops, the report said.

Earlier, a cocaine dealer's girlfriend from the United Kingdom exposed her fiancé's illegal business by posting incriminating pictures of her luxurious lifestyle on Instagram.

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Her accomplice Isabelle Lagace, 29, was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison last November. "I doubt she is now", said Judge Traill.

Roberge had said that her motivation to commit the crime was financial, and Judge Traill revealed that there was also a sexual motivation, as Roberge was involved with a "sugar daddy" who recruited her. "It's for the lifestyle she wants to enjoy". She called herself a "stupid young woman" who was taking orders from her Canadian "sugar daddy", who she declined to identify. Roberge cried when she learned her fate. She reportedly earned more than $12,000 as an escort in Morocco.

In court on Wednesday, Judge Kate Traill of the New South Wales District Court acknowledged that Roberge appeared to be truly sorry and had "a great chance of rehab". Roberge said she believed the cocaine was brought on board during their stop in Peru.

Andre Tamin, 64, has also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced later this year.

The sentencing comes almost two years after the haul was intercepted by Australian Border Force authorities as the MS Sea Princess entered Sydney.

  • Megan Austin