Google working on expiring emails for Gmail

Google working on expiring emails for Gmail


Mr Justice Warby said the businessmen, who can not be named for legal reasons, complained of results returned by Google Search that feature links to third-party reports about their convictions. The three options include a default view that highlights attachments, a comfortable view that does not highlight those attachments and a compact view that is nearly the same as the current Gmail design (for those who don't like change). Yesterday, the redesign leaked early giving us an early look at what's in store for users. That means there will still be a record of users sending and receiving self-destructing emails, but not necessarily any info on what was contained in the message. It's not like your whole inbox will go up in flames. In the compose window of Gmail, there is a small lock icon named "Confidential Mode", which states that the email recipient won't be able to forward email content, copy and paste, download or print the email. The report describes that on the recipient's side, the person used the existing version of Gmail and received a link to view the confidential email.

According to TechCrunch, users can configure the expiration date to have their emails disappear after 1 week, 1 month, multiple years, etc.

And you'll be able to put an extra layer of security on particularly sensitive emails - you can require the recipient to confirm their identity with a passcode (sent to their phone), or to log in a second time, before viewing the content. As for recipients, they are expected to receive a link for expiring email which can be viewed by logging into their Gmail account again.

The redesigned Gmail for web users will be available in the coming weeks.

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They took Google to court when it refused to remove the search results.

In a statement cited by the Post, Google acknowledged a "major" Gmail redo is in the works, but the company says it's only in "draft phase".

So, no flames. No need to panic. In order to address the issue and to give better control to users, Google is bringing self-destructing email feature.

  • Kyle Warner