Virginia woman accused of beheading boyfriend, shouting 'let me get my heads'

A USA woman arrested for beheading her boyfriend told the police "you have to take me back and let me get my heads", as they drove her away from the crime scene. "You have to take me back and let me get my heads", Mills allegedly told cops once she was in their cruiser.

Cops later found White's torso in a house near where she was arrested in Lerona, West Virginia, on April 1, with his head found in nearby woods.

At first, Mills said she had cut her fingers, the Telegraph said.

Mills, of Rural Retreat, W.Va., is charged with second-degree murder, although authorities say the investigation is ongoing and first-degree murder charges are not out of the question, according to West Virginia Metro News.

Regulation enforcement officers have been known as to an space on April 1 the place they found Mills, who was lined in blood and had a pocket knife in her trousers when she arrived at one other residence, a felony grievance acknowledged.

Mills will face either a first, or second-degree murder charge, following the results of her mental evaluation.

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Meanwhile, the authorities received another call from the same neighborhood from someone who discovered a decapitated body. She appeared inebriated, was staring off into the distance, and kept conversing with someone she called "daddy", the deputies said. Deputies also said they found a body part of the victim near woods close to his home.

Investigators also found a glove in the bedroom that matched the one Mills had been wearing when she was arrested.

The incident was deemed a "decapitation homicide", by Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler.

'We do not know if he was killed by the beheading or if he expired before that. She was taken to Southern Regional Jail. "That determination will have to be made by the medical examiner", he said. While Mills is now charged with second degree murder, a grand jury considering her case in June could also charge her with first degree murder for premeditation.

The case will be presented in front of a grand jury in June.

  • Megan Austin