Woman's lawsuit: 3 Michigan State basketball players raped her in 2015

"When I started out here, I did have confidence, but in light of recent events I would say that I've had a remarkably diminished view on how well our university's able to handle not only like cases of sexual assault on campus, but like cases of sexual assault just pertaining to our campus", said student Jacob Hoffman.

"I was crying. I was trying to push myself up, and I couldn't move", she told Outside the Lines.

Emily Guerrant, MSU's vice president and university spokesperson, said the university does not comment on pending litigation.

"MSU has fostered a culture in which female victims are discouraged from reporting sexual assaults when those assaults are perpetrated by male athletes, thus protecting the university, the male athletics programs, and the male athletes at the expense of the female victims".

After the assault, she dropped out of MSU for a semester and upon returning switched her major.

After midnight, most of the MSU basketball team arrived there, including the three accused men. "There was no party" the lawsuit stated, "as few people were present". After accepting, the plaintiff was introduced to the other players and invited to their apartment for a party. "She tried to send a phone text, but she could not control her thumbs to formulate a text", the lawsuit states. She also then realized her roommate was not there. "At no time did she consent to the sexual activity", the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit alleges the first player and a third player took turns raping her after the second player finished. Furthermore, court papers reveal how the plaintiff "does not remember anything else until she woke up on the couch a few hours later".

She agreed to go to the party, but upon entering the apartment, she found no party.

All three men raped the woman, the lawsuit contends.

"They do have it and they have reviewed it", she said of the lawsuit.

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"Plaintiff was so discouraged by the representations made by the MSUCC Counseling staff she became frightened to the point that she decided she could not report the rape (s) to law enforcement", it continued.

One of the players asked the woman to come to their apartment for a party.

She claims that the unnamed counselors told her she would face an "uphill battle" and "unwanted media attention" if she reported the rape to police, and that she would be "swimming with some really big fish" if she chose to involve law enforcement. The incident was not reported to police and no action was taken against the players.

The woman's suit claims she was not advised to have a physical exam, seek medical treatment or have STD or pregnancy tests.

Once she resumed classes in January 2016, she pursued counseling at the SAP, but the lawsuit says "the SAP also failed to notify Plaintiff about the (Office of Institutional Equity) or Plaintiff's Title IX rights, protections, and accommodations, even though it is part of their protocol to do so".

"'Comments were made by MSUCC staff to the effect of "we have had many other students in the same situation who have reported, and it has been very traumatic for them'".

Her complaint does not name her alleged attackers or university counselors.

The lawsuit adds the university did not offer the woman academic assistance and was not referred to the Title IX office.

The allegations in Monday's lawsuit stemmed from an incident on April 11, 2015, when the woman and her roommate went to Harper's Bar in East Lansing.

  • Marjorie Miles