Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg admits responsibility for data misuse

The crisis stems from revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining firm connected to President Donald Trump's successful 2016 campaign, had exploited weaknesses in Facebook's privacy controls to collect personal information about 87 million people without their consent. The notification informs users which apps they use and what kind of information they shared with those apps.

His testimony says Facebook had been aware of traditional Russian cyberthreats such as hacking and malware for years prior to the reports of Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election.

Facebook's latest estimate of the number of people whose personal information might have been collected by Cambridge Analytica is 87 million, but the company has stressed that the real number could be different.

The 33-year-old tech billionaire will appear before back-to-back panels of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees on Tuesday and will also testify in front of the House committee on energy and commerce on Wednesday.

Zuckerberg released a prepared testimony to the House of Energy and Commerce apologising for the data scandal and explaining what happened with Cambridge Analytica, how it happened and how Facebook will rectify the situation. The social network has faced serious scrutiny following the 2016 United States presidential election, in which Russian operatives used the platform to peddle fake news and disinformation.

"As we become more and more used to using tools, we become more used to and comfortable sharing information about ourselves, and that information is being used in this way", McCully said.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leaves the office of Sen.

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Democratic Senator Bill Nelson said new legislation is needed to regulate Facebook's handling of user data. Tighter regulation of how Facebook uses its members' data could affect its ability to attract advertising revenue, its lifeblood.

A Facebook official confirmed that the company had hired a team from the law firm WilmerHale and outside consultants to help prepare Zuckerberg for his testimony and how lawmakers may question him.

"The government has taken serious note of the points made by Facebook and CA and will soon decide on the next line of action", the person said.

Cambridge's Psychometrics Centre is linked to the personality quizzes of both Cubeyou and Cambridge Analytica. The CEO recounts the various investigations and updates Facebook had undertaken in recent weeks, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Again, he'll explain what happened during the US 2016 presidential election and how a Russia-led disinformation campaign used Facebook to sway opinions on a number of issues. Associated Press reporters around the world have been surveying users, none of whom have reported seeing anything from Facebook.

Zuckerberg plans to open his remarks with a familiar recitation of the social media platform's ability to link far-flung people together but then pivot into an acknowledgement of Facebook's increasingly visible dark side. Facebook shares were up 1.7 percent in afternoon trading. The company has also moved aggressively to announce changes to its rules, introduce a social media research initiative and promise additional disclosures to try to get ahead of congressional demands and possible regulation.

Mr. Zuckerberg's public remarks will be closely watched by investors.

Apps used to be a big deal on Facebook, leading to the huge popularity of Farmville and Words with Friends, meaning that even if you haven't downloaded a Facebook app, you may already have given an app developer leeway to access your details.

  • Regina Walsh