Trump vows 'strong action' on immigration is coming soon

The resolution demands that President Trump respect the people of Mexico, and notes the Senate "condemns the unfounded and offensive expressions about Mexico and Mexicans and the treatment that is needed for a relationship between neighboring countries, partners, and allies".

Caravans like this one are common as an attempt to raise awareness, but they exist apart from the regular flow of migrants.

Migrants crossing the US- Mexican border are at an historic low.

This particular Via Cruz, organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras (The People Without Borders), is now in its eighth year of the annual caravan and is made up of mostly Central Americans.

Mujica reiterated that the point of the caravan was to emphasize the need for legal reforms, draw attention to the migrants' plight and press for more welcoming policies from Mexican authorities.

While a handful of the migrants may attempt to cross into the USA and some are planning to seek asylum, the yearly march is mostly held to raise awareness to the dangers of fleeing gang violence or political upheaval and corruption in Central American nations.

Organizers say that migrants can now take buses on their own to Puebla, a city south of the capital, where a workshop on immigration law is planned for Friday.

"To be young, in my country, is a crime", Mr Rodriguez said. Using mid-20th-century solutions for today's problem is a flawless example of Mr. Trump's ill-informed decision-making.

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She noted that women who are part of the caravan praised it as a much safer alternative to traveling alone or with smugglers. More than 20 people were killed in post-election protests, and Honduras has always been a unsafe place for activists. At the time, he was speaking about Mexicans and said outright, "they're rapists".

The hundreds of people gathered here still face daunting prospects.

The midterm elections have been a priority this year in the US, but the country also has a stake in the presidential election in Mexico. "What caravan?" The "caravan", of course, is the all too real trainload of would-be illegal immigrants seeking to invade the United States through its southern border.

"Our job with the caravan ends in Mexico City", the organization's director Irineo Mujica told The Washington Post.

The woman and the boy were broken-hearted, separated from their families, he said.

He added: "They're sending people that have a lot of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us".

Latin America Working Group's senior associate, Daniella Burgi-Palomino criticized Trump is "just looking for more excuses to demonize migrants from Latin America, migrants who are now on the caravan". "We thought it would be better to flee". He has also threatened to reduce USA aid to Honduras, the home country of numerous marchers.

  • Megan Austin