The Rock Confirms His Rivalry With John Cena Was Real

That being said, it looks like there are a lot of exciting things planned post-Wrestlemania 34 for both Big Show and Strowman. WrestleMania has consistently been a haven for shocking surprises.

It would be awesome to see WWE go all-in with Rocket League items.

Numerous WWE superstars held Bret "Hitman" Hart high up on their shoulders after he won the WWF (now WWE) Championship following his victory against Yokozuna.

-Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Kickoff Show).

Watch out WWE locker room, because Woken Matt Hardy is deadset on "PROCURING" the title of victor for the Wrestlemania Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

While this will be a first for the women's division, it will be the fifth for the men.

The kickoff show will feature three massive matches. The only question then is how many running powerslams Braun will deliver while the crowd chants "One more time!"

As for the women's Battle Royal, it feels like Becky Lynch's match to lose.

The Rock: "He's one of my best friends".

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-The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship. The Viper will emerge victorious after hitting several RKOs. Seeing how tricky concussions can be, it made plenty of sense that Bryan was done for real. The 16-time world champion issued a challenge to Undertaker on RAW few weeks back, but he is yet to receive a confirmation. Reaching the beast incarnate, Reigns delivered a series of Superman Punches to the champion, but still took an F-5 that left the ring shaking.

It nearly seems too obvious The Monster Among Men is going to win with whomever he teams up with, but it's still going to be fun watching him win his first gold in WWE.

Here are five wrestlers who can win their first main-roster title at the "Show of Shows". This year seems to have more options than usual, though, as to which match will go on last.

Tune in Sunday to see how it all unfolds live. On November 26, 2016, he officially left the police force and flew out the very next day to pursue his dream of wrestling professionally and join the WWE full-time.

The 2 WWE icons will be facing off in an "impromptu" match at WrestleMania, but it won't be in a traditional build, as a match of this magnitude may have warranted. Now technically, he said WWE Monday Night Raw, which opens the door to Brock going to WWE Smackdown on Tuesday nights. Not only will Rousey win, but she may just do it by making Triple H tap out. Bryan is teaming with Shane McMahon to take on the team of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Hence why Cena isn't interested in bringing back his rap gimmick anytime soon.

At that point, Undertaker will appear and the two will have an impromptu match, more like a Street Fight. Roman Reigns has been outstanding. AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are two of the greatest pro wrestlers in the world today. "Bow down", "grovel on your knees" and all this other good stuff because I am a villain, or a baddie, as they say in the United Kingdom, and I was properly setting up Triple H's entrance.

The Deadman hinted at retirement previous year after losing an emotional WrestleMania match to Roman Reigns as he laid his signature black jacket, gloves and hat in the middle of the ring before saluting the crowd.

However. There have been rumblings that Undertaker wants one more match.

The King of Strong Style is the safer bet, but only by a small margin. This year the Showcase of the Immortals is the biggest event in the programs history, having a run time of roughly seven hours.

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