Gender pay gap at Rother council revealed

At Goldman Sachs' sprawling money-making machine in Britain, women are paid an average of 56 per cent less than men.

Why is this happening now?

With research by McKinsey & Company suggesting that eliminating the gender pay gap could add £150bn to annual GDP by 2025, Karen Gill, co-founder of female development group Everywoman, said employers needed to make "real, transparent commitments" to improving gender parity.

"For anyone like myself who has been working towards gender equality in the United Kingdom games industries for a sustained period of time, these pay gap figures are depressingly unsurprising", she says.

She said: "It is essential that we do so". EasyJet has said its male chief executive would take a 4.6-per-cent pay cut to match the salary of his female predecessor, and pledged to more than triple the proportion of its female pilots.

May this week vowed to tackle the "burning injustice" of the gender pay gap - and has compared the battle with the women's suffrage campaign a century ago. In other words when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 53p for every £1 that men earn, the website explained.

There are two ways which employers must follow to comply.

The largest pay gap out of all the companies surveyed is at Rockstar North, where women earn an average of 64% less hourly than men at the same level.

But when organisations achieve better representation at the top, something interesting starts to happen.

"We are committed to reducing the gender pay gap and increasing gender equality".

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However, the club pointed out that within its mainly female corporate hospitality team, where members earn commission, the median bonus paid over the past year has been higher for women than for men.

The figures also show that men in Dartford And Gravesham NHS Trust were more likely to receive a bonus than women.

It is not the same as equal pay, where firms are required to pay people doing the same job the same salary regardless of gender.

The new figures released by companies before yesterday's government deadline often paint even more dramatic pictures than the official ones, with many companies showing pay gaps in excess of 30%.

We have picked a company at random - easyJet. However, what the article fails to mention is that one of the prominent reasons on why women are being paid less is due to a lack senior roles provided for them.

Those figures stood in stark contrast to reported numbers at consumer magazine publisher Future, national broadcaster Channel 5 and Clear Channel UK, which all had gender pay gaps in favour of their female staff.

Meanwhile, high street brands KFC, Matalan, Starbucks, Costa, McDonald's and Primark reported no difference in what they paid their female and male staff.

Career Disruptions Impact Earning Potential - Periods of unemployment have a negative impact on pay and the penalty increases as a person takes more time away from work.

How useful are these figures?

In reality, the gender pay gap demonstrates differences between the average earnings of men and women, whereas measures of equal pay focus on equal pay for equal work. Announcing the new disclosure rules in 2015, Cameron said they would "cast sunlight on the discrepancies and create the pressure we need for change, driving women's wages up".

  • Ronnie Bowen