Local Teachers Return From Capitol, Many Plan To Continue Protesting

Republicans tried to put the best face they could on things, touting the revenue and budget bills for funding increases for SEEK - the basic funding formula for public schools - and said they heard teachers' concerns as they crafted the budget.

"I didn't get in this for the pension, I got into it to teach kids", she told the Herald-Leader.

Teachers in the U.S. states of Oklahoma and Kentucky are protesting over a range of issues from funding to benefits.

Retired teacher Claudia Swisher tweeted that Oklahoma teachers 'are the poorest-paid. But teachers' union officials said the overhaul would only generate $300 million in savings over the next three decades.

"As for the desks, I'm more fortunate than most I guess". After the speeches were made, teachers continued to march around the Capitol while others made their way inside the building to rally their legislators.

On Twitter, user jamiebh73 shared a photo of a textbook from her daughter's eighth-grade history class in Owasso. When the bill passed, she broke down crying.

When the House voted to adjourn, teachers who packed the gallery seating booed and started chanting: "Fund our schools!"

Last year, her class's 25 anatomy books were shared by about 70 students, Burton said.

"If you look at people's faces, they look like they will be here for the long run", Morejon said.

"The majority of my students were 3 years old when these were adopted. But our kids are drastically underfunded", she said. They were demanding higher teacher pay, now among the lowest in the country.

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The state's GOP-controlled legislature last week passed a revenue package that included a pay raise for educators, but teachers are saying that the increase was not enough.

"Stop the war on public education!"

"These measures finally ensure Oklahoma's dedicated, hard-working public schoolteachers receive well-deserved, competitive pay". In addition, some schools do not have electricity because of unpaid bills.

"We're going to pack the Capitol", union President Alicia Priest said.

In response to the protests, budget negotiators in the Kentucky Legislature unveiled a spending plan Monday that includes increased spending for the main funding formula for K-12 schools, the AP reported. She and Western Heights counselors Laura Castrop and Karen Clark said they feel like they're being bullied by their school board and superintendent. "Copies are limited in schools to maybe 30 a week".

While teachers in Oklahoma say they appreciate the pay raise, they are upset that state lawmakers shortchanged their students by slating only $50 million for education programs and supplies.

"We must be responsible not to neglect other areas of need in the state such as corrections and health and human services as we continue to consider additional education funding measures", Fallin said.

The Oklahoma protest shut down public schools across the state, and teachers vowed to remain on the picket line until their demands are met. "When they pass this with the sewage bill, it tells us exactly what we need to know about what they think of us".

"I believe in our state", Hanna said.

Her school has even discussed moving to a four-day week to cut back on expenses such as electricity and water usage. "I mean, I really figured there would be mixed emotions". Teachers are using their own paychecks to keep stretching resources. The chamber went into a special session on Tuesday in an effort to resolve the dispute. For myself, a raise sounds great, but this walkout for me was never about that.

  • Megan Austin