Egypt's Sisi wins second term

"Following his re-election, we look forward to continuing to work with President Abdel fattah al-Sisi to advance our strategic partnership and address our common challenges", Nauert said.

It's reported Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has won 92 percent of the vote in preliminary results.

Sisi has said he has no ambition to stay after the end of his second term in 2022 - something the current constitution prohibits anyway. Other challengers were forced out of the race when they were detained by authorities, or saw their campaigns obstructed.

The law approval came hours before official announcement of Sisi's victory in Egypt's 2018 presidential election.

Mr Sisi won 21.8 million votes compared with 656,534 for his opponent, Moussa Mostafa Moussa, whose tally was less than the 1.8 million spoiled ballots.

People who boycotted the election and cannot show a good reason for missing the vote could face a fine of up to 500 Egyptian pounds (22 euros), the electoral commission has warned.

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"The sight of Egyptian citizens from all walks of society lining up was impressive and inspiring", Mr Sisi said in a speech to the nation.

Also in recent months, el-Sissi's popularity has suffered as a result of harsh economic reforms that have taken their toll on most Egyptians.

Military arrested Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders and declared chief justice Adly Mansour as the interim president.

Earlier the State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. "will continue to work to advance our shared objectives" with Egypt, despite its concerns over political freedom.

"It hopes that his reelection will allow him to satisfy the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people for security, prosperity and the full expression of freedoms in a constitutional framework", she said without elaborating.

Russian Federation congratulated Mr Sisi on his election win ahead of the official results and regional ally King Salman of Saudi Arabia called him to express support, saying his victory came as a result of strong efforts to combat terrorism.

  • Megan Austin