Sen. Rand Paul Might Hold Up A Vote On Government Funding ... Again

President Trump signed the bill, hours after he railed about it for having no real funding for the border Wall, thus averting a government shutdown that would have begun at Midnight Friday, and had people scrambling all over Swamp Land.

The president signed the budget legislation Friday at the White House, hours after he hinted at vetoing it because it lacked the $1.6 billion he specifically sought for a border wall.

"The spending bill before Congress shows that our federal partners have heard the thousands of city leaders urging them to reject the severe budget cuts proposed by the administration and that were required under sequestration", said NLC President Mark Stodola, mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas.

By around 8 p.m. EDT — when he said he was finished for the evening — he'd tweeted three dozen times about the bill, a stream of consciousness mix of discoveries, reflections and photos of the 55-year-old libertarian in action. "But we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military, we were forced to have".

Trump noted, however, that if Congress were to send hime another bill of the sort, he would not sign it.

Paul said he is "on page 56 right now and so I've got a few more pages to read" of the omnibus but did not reveal whether he will delay a vote.

The bill provides $1.6 billion for border security measures including secondary fencing, levee fencing, pedestrian fencing and replacement fencing.

"So much of Donald Trump's agenda was stripped away", he said.

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The bill also includes an effort to strengthen the background check process for gun purchases.

The package also provides a 2.4 percent pay bump for the military and a 1.9 percent bump for civilian government employees. "Previous year alone, we lost four times as many service members in accidents, in training exercises as we did in combat".

Congress passed five continuing resolutions to keep the government funded while Republicans and Democrats negotiated priorities.

The sweeping 2,232-page bill substantially boosts both defense and domestic spending. Gridlock resulted in two brief shutdowns earlier in the year. But Trump has not been as focused on keeping the deficit down during his presidency.

The bill contains a rider - an additional provision attached to the bill - that shields farmers and ranchers from animal-waste air-pollution reporting requirements under the Superfund law.

"I think the number 25 is significant in that any majority in the House needs to control the last 25 votes", Meadows said.

Congress tacked the CLOUD Act onto the massive spending bill Wednesday night ahead of voting on the bill Thursday, and it became official Friday morning.

  • Megan Austin