Fortnite Mobile Android Update revealed as Epic Games announce wonderful download news

Fortnite Mobile Android Update revealed as Epic Games announce wonderful download news


That's not uncommon for top mobile titles, but it is for a game as new to mobile as Fortnite, which just landed on the App Store within the past week. This is no mean feat considering that the game is invite only at the moment. Niantic managed to make $4.9 million in four days, so Fortnite's numbers really aren't too shabby. Currently, Fortnite mobile is only available for iOS devices AND by invitation only.

The data on Fortnite launch revenue comes via analytics firm Sensor Tower. That's especially true since it's making its way to mobile, where gamers generally expect games to be free and to spend money on them only when they feel it's worthwhile.

Fortnite players have already spent a lot of money on the Android version of the game.

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"Having tons of resources is a blast, and our goal with the mode was to make it easier to gain resources due to the storm moving in so much faster", Epic Games said on Reddit after announcing the hotfix.

"We had theories about what could be impacted by [turning friendly fire] on and off, but you can look at things like, 'Did people play more field games?"

This means just about third of the revenue that Pokemon Go has earned in its first four days, which equated to about $5 million - it's a lot of money from a lot of eager players who wanted to kit out their characters in one of the most popular battle royale games now out there. And while the Tencent-developed shooter lacks micro-transactions at the moment, enabling them could see a shift in fortunes what with the fickle nature of the mobile games space. You can listen to it via Apple Podcasts or RSS, or just listen to this week's episode by hitting the play button below.

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