Samsung Galaxy On Max price slashed; find out the new price

Samsung Galaxy On Max price slashed; find out the new price


"According to our understanding of the technologies, under-display fingerprint solutions may now have many technical issues (e.g. screen protectors and different environments affecting recognition rates and power-consumption)", report quotes Kuo from one of the notes to investors.

Kuo said Samsung was still facing "technological difficulties" with the under-display fingerprint sensor.

The company could release the Android Oreo update for Galaxy Note 8 from March 30. Of course, Samsung is particular with its smartphones, and it probably wasn't happy with how long it takes for the technology to recognize your biometrics. Samsung was testing both the ultrasonic and optical solutions, but both of them failed to meet its standards. The Galaxy S9's fingerprint scanner is also located in a more natural location (underneath the camera) when compared to previous versions. He claims that it is "key for full-screen designs" and that facial recognition - as seen in the iPhone X - can not fully replace fingerprint scanning.

While we are still in the process of testing the latest and greatest from Samsung, we thought of giving the camera a shot since that is the big new update. Instead, it will introduce new products and technologies when they are ready. Since that affects the success rate, Samsung may decide to stick with a conventional fingerprint sensor for its next flagship device. Those pinning their hopes on the Galaxy Note 9 for the in-display fingerprint sensor might be left disappointed this year. It was applied successfully in the Vivo X20 Plus UD.

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Predictably, some were quick to claim that Apple opted for Face ID because it was unable to solve a number of technical hurdles associated with embedding a Touch ID sensor into the device's OLED display.

Hey, Android buyers looking to purchase Samsung's hot new Galaxy S9, which we absolutely adored in our review: move your finger away from that preorder button that you were about to tap.

The latest statement made by KGI analyst Ming-Chi says otherwise. There was a similar rumour about iPhone X before its launch.

There are three Galaxy S9 features in particular that gave me more flexibility in terms of how I use my phone: the fingerprint sensor, the microSD card slot, and the headphone jack.

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