Medicaid expansion bill clears Senate committee

After the House of Delegates refused to accept a state Senate resolution calling for a special session on the budget, Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment was feeling, he told his colleagues, a bit irritated.

The West Virginia House and Senate have both passed versions of their own budget bill.

A bill that would have required able-bodied Medicaid recipients in Wyoming to work at a job, go to school or do volunteer work has died in a House committee. That bill would likely be very similar to the budget submitted to the current session by Gov. Terry McAuliffe before he left office, since new Gov. Ralph Northam endorsed that budget.

The House passed the measure on a 90-3 vote, while it passed the Senate 30-1.

No chaos in White House, says Donald Trump
Pat Roberts, R-Kan. "I don't think he's reconsidering, but I think he's trying to figure out what his best step is forward". Trump said there will be people that always change. "And we are having strong backup systems", he said.

Legislators needed to have all budget work done Tuesday in order to vote on it by Friday.

In a statement, House Speaker Kirk Cox said going home for a few days after Saturday's adjournment could let tensions cool and help fuel a deal later. They're expected to reconvene the following day for a special session on several other issues.

The department has projected that the Arkansas Works program will cost about $135 million in state funds and about $1.95 billion in federal funds in fiscal 2019. Opponents argued it was a handout to the power monopoly.

  • Megan Austin