Google Duo now lets you leave video messages

Now, a new video messages support that has made its way to the Duo must be a long yearned add-on for majority of the Duo users. Taking a page from WhatsApp, the company also notes that all videos are end-to-end encrypted, so only the sender and recipient have access to them.

Once you've recorded your message, you can then send it to your contact, who will see it within the Duo app.

Why Google apps overlap is a question for another day, though.

Users will be able to send video messages of up to 30 seconds by tapping on the "leave video message" button that appears while video call is ringing. Also, the messages will disappear after 24-hours making the conversation more secure.

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People aren't always available on demand when cool stuff is happening, but "you shouldn't lose the opportunity to show them what you were calling about," Google says. If a user wants to keep that video, there will be an option to save a video. More details on that here. After the video finished, user can tap the "Call now" button to easily call that person right back.

Google says the rollout is starting today and the feature should be live everywhere "over the next several days". However, it's all about numbers. To play a video message you've received from someone, simply tap their icon.

Duo was released in 2016.

Do you use Google Duo?

  • Regina Walsh