The Bachelor: Feast Your Eyes on Lauren B.'s Giant Engagement Ring

Arie came under fire for breaking up with Becca after proposing to her on the season finale.

And it's understandable why the show would evoke such emotion, as Monday night's episode was filled with twists.

However, the circumstances leading up to it are, as Kufrin was actually the victor of "The Bachelor", having been proposed to by bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. on the finale that aired Monday.

After all the tears, heartbreak, and drama ABC has announced its new Bachelorette: Becca Kufrin.

It was all part of an outpouring of love and support for the Minnesotan that Harrison called "unprecedented".

The former lead told another Bachelor devotee that he has talked to Arie in the past and the race vehicle driver "did seem honest".

"At the end of the day, the show is about finding love. I want to move on and have my person that I can focus on and live my life with".

Becca shows up in a new gold dress and she's ready for a new chapter! In case you had successfully kept from throwing up in your mouth for the first four and a half hours of this finale, Arie gets down on one knee and proposes on the same stage his previous "winner" aka fiancé was sitting. She was still crying, looking at pictures of herself with Arie in happier times, but at least she was home.

Like we said, if anyone deserves the devotion of 30 attractive men, it's her. "But I learned a lot about myself and how deeply I could love somebody".

Then she collapsed with sobs.

Let's hope when you got engaged to Lauren last month your proposal was a little more heartfelt.

"Why am I having a panic attack?" he asked, breathlessly.

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Then, it was time for a chat: Why had he chosen Becca?

Was he fully over Becca?

How could he be over a fiance so fast?

Touched, Burnham immediately offered her forgiveness and she and Luyendyk Jr. exchanged "I love yous".

Flash back to the studio: Five of the other ex-contestants.sat like a Greek chorus. Jason and Molly agree that it should have been done in private and Chris Harrison shrugs while the thought bubble above his head says, "Ratings, man!" Otherwise, who knows how many billboards to buyer would have paid for. We are so ready to watch Becca find a real love story. You can even pinpoint the moment her heart breaks.

"Yes, 1,000 percent", he assured her. The amount has but now surpassed $6,000.

"I never got to the point where I could see a future with somebody so much", Kufrin said. He admits that he chose Becca because he thought she'd be a good wife, but wives aren't area rugs. Arie is under contract with ABC, but he could have easily broken up with Becca without cameras.

I prefer the Australian version, but I'd been hearing about the horror of this particular finale all day, so my curiosity was ell and truly piqued.

"Then why did you?"

To find out the effects of the popular reality TV dating show on her head, Washington Post reporter Hannah Jewell got hooked up to an MRI at Indiana University in February. That hope belongs to someone else now.

Now.after reading this, I know that you are all thinking that you too need to start watching The Bachelor!

"Wow", he said. "That was actually dramatic ... And I want to do this in front of everyone because I want to show you that I should have done this a long time ago".

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