Trump full of jokes at annual media dinner

Even President Trump himself is joking about chaos in his administration. Riffing on Biden, Trump said: "A guy makes outrageous statements - he's going to be president?" The president opened his comments by mocking the recent downgrading of Kushner's security clearance.

US President Donald Trump and members of the press traded good-natured jokes and barbs on usually not-so-funny matters such as impeachment during the annual dinner of the Gridiron Club and Foundation.

He added, "Now the question everyone keeps asking is, 'Who's going to be the next to leave? Steve Miller, or Melania?".

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the Democratic speaker at the Gridiron, got in on the joke by saying Trump could attend a Mardi Gras-style parade dressed as "King Chaos". So while we don't have the benefit of seeing video of the president's performance, we do have the White House pool report-as well as eyewitness accounts-to give us a sense of what went down.

He said that North Korea had called up and asked to begin talks but he told them that they have to "denuke" first. He is also planning to attend a political rally Saturday for a congressional candidate in western Pennsylvania.

"So many people have been leaving the White House", Trump joked, according to CNN.

Trump, who has attacked the press as an "enemy of the people", teased the media in more jovial manner Saturday night.

"His state of mind is fine", Ross said.

"My staff was concerned that I couldn't do self-deprecating humor", Trump said. "I don't see any problem with his behavior at all".

President Trump did a stand-up routine at the Gridiron Club Dinner last night.

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He said Vice President Mike Pence "starts out each morning asking everybody, 'Has he been impeached yet?'" Trump, at least since emerging as a politician, has not displayed that quality. At one point, Trump suggested taking guns from accused felons in advance of due process.

"It's been really another calm week at the White House", he quipped.

Earlier in the week, Trump raised eyebrows by describing some local deputies who responded to the Parkland shooting as cowards, and claiming that he would have run into the high school building to try and stop the shooting, even without a weapon.

Trump also brought up his controversial decision to slap hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, saying they would help "dying industries". But for a president who rarely provides the country with laughs - and who opted out of attending both dinners previous year - the spotlight on his jokes at the dinner was all the brighter. It is not known whether he will follow through.

Trump brought up his recent calls for tariffs on steel and aluminium, which have been criticized by USA trading partners.

As happens every week, a number of Trump tweets generated controversy last week.

That sounds like Trump going off-script more than anything else.

Long the subject of barbed tweets from President Trump, members of the Washington press corps sharpened their wits for musical and rhetorical takedowns of the president, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others last night at the annual dinner of the Gridiron Club and Foundation.

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