Facebook ends test of two news feeds

Facebook ends test of two news feeds


Last October, The Guardian first reported that Facebook meant to split its algorithmic News Feed into two: one for non-promoted posts from Pages and publishers (called "Explore"), and one for your friends and family.

The social network ran a pilot scheme of the changes in October in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia, clearing the News Feed of everything but posts from friends and sponsored posts. In a post on the Facebook newsroom, head of news feed, Adam Mosseri wrote that Facebook's increase of friends and family "better address the feedback we heard from people".

You gave us our answer: "People don't want two separate feeds", said Facebook.

Facebook has reversed a controversial change to its news feed, amid fears it was upsetting and misleading the site's users. A different version of the feed was available in the rest of the world, and it will also be discontinued this week.

Facebook is ending an experiment where it placed publisher's news content in a separate feed after criticism that it led to a rise in misinformation.

When Facebook first announced the test in October, analysts questioned the company's logic.

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Without warning, Facebook made a substantial change to the News Feed.

MPs and officials in the United States have questioned the site, along with other internet giants such as Google and Twitter, over their policing of such content as well as the use of their platforms to create political discourse.

Facebook will still be messing around with your Newsfeed as it normally does, but we can expect it to be less. "My explore feed looks quite normal, but a few people told me that they see distinct content here - old jokes, alt-right pages, posts by non-standard politicians", Slovakian journalist Filip Struhárik told The Guardian.

'The Explore Feed was a trial response to consistent feedback we received from people over the past year who said they want to see more from friends and family in News Feed, ' Mosseri said.

Mark Zuckerberg made it his new year's resolution to clean up the site after the discovery of 470 fake pages and accounts with connections to Russian Federation that bought ads during the 2016 USA elections. Its most recent News Feed update had a similar goal to the now-defunct test: The change was made to show people more stuff from their friends and family, and less from brands and publishers.

  • Kyle Warner