Is Spotify getting ready to challenge Apple with its own speaker?

Not long after Apple finally entered the smart speaker market with the HomePod, it appears there's further competition on the way. But existing smart speakers were focused on smarts first, music second, while HomePod is all about the music. However, the job listing was deleted shortly after it had surfaced on the company's website.

Spotify had previously stated that it wants to create a products that similar to the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snapchat Spectacles.

There are also separate new Spotify job ads for a Senior Project Manager: Hardware Production and Project Manager: Hardware Production & Engineering. If Spotify were to make its own hardware - earbuds or a smart speaker system don't seem like too much of a stretch - it would claim some of the money now made by other companies using the Spotify brand to sell products.

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The Operations Manager they're looking for will set up the manufacturing, supply chain, and sales and marketing for the company's first physical products, which indicates it won't just be a one-time release of a smart speaker.

Currently, Spotify heavily relies on third-parties to come up with their own product that offer the company's music streaming service. Some home speakers and receivers also have the Spotify app built-in. This means that users won't be able to ask Siri to play music from Spotify. Their Spotify Connect software allows Amazon's Echo, Sony's PS4, and BMW 7 series vehicles to directly stream music from the cloud. In order to stay on top, Spotify needs to find new ways to ingratiate its service with our lives, whether that be in the form of a smart speaker, smart headphones or something else entirely. You will also work with partners to deliver the optimal Spotify experience to millions of users.

  • Regina Walsh