Android Pay is dead, long live Google Pay

The company has now started rolling out the new Google Pay app for Android.

Google said last month that it was going to be combining Google Wallet and Android Pay into one app as a one-stop-shop for all kinds of payments.

There are apparently millions of places around the world where you can pay for stuff using cards saved to your Google account, with your banking info kept under lock and key at all times. Since you're often operating the dialer with one hand, it makes sense t have buttons at the bottom where they're more easily accessed.

The new app in available in the Google Play store.

Over the years, Google has had multiple payment-related products and the company has made it unnecessarily complicated for the consumers.

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Google Pay seems to be doing away with the "Google Wallet" moniker as well, now placing your debit, credit, loyalty, and gift cards in - surprise! - the Cards tab.

And P2P payments aren't yet available through Google Pay either, with the company noting that those in the USA and United Kingdom will be able to send and request money "within the next few months".

Unveiled in a blog post on Monday, Google Pay will offer all the functionalities that you have come to expect from Android Pay or Google Wallet. Read on to learn more about the new Gmail Go app for Android and what features it comes with. "We give developers a very simple API to implement Google Pay", Bhat noted, "The API is simple because we are not processing that payment". There is also priority in the app, which will allow you to see which emails are from your friends and family first. You can also pay transit fare with Google Pay in certain cities, and you can choose Google Pay at checkout rather than filling out payment forms.

You can also send/receive money to/from your friends via Google Pay. It's called Google Pay Send and has been created to rival Apple Pay Cash, PayPal and Venmo, letting customers send and request money in a slew of different currencies.

  • Regina Walsh