The shocked woman from Beyoncé's Instagram reacts to viral photo

On why she thinks Beyoncé included the picture of her among those posted to social media, she said: "I think she posted it for me". Thankfully for Boston woman Susan Monaghan, the moment she spotted the two celebs will live on forever in viral infamy thanks to the "Formation" singer's personal Instagram page.

Monaghan, who lives in Boston, was in the hotel with her granddaughter, who was competing in a gymnastics event. "No one is going to believe me.'" And of course, Beyoncé gave her the most reassuring answer: "Don't worry, it's going to be OK".

A MA resident who was visiting New York City for the weekend has gone viral after a photo showing her star-struck expression was posted to Beyonce's Instagram page. She told the Globe that she tried to step out of the way but found herself coming face to face with a "really good-looking", curly-haired, and black tie-clad gentleman whom she couldn't quite place.

Susan Monaghan's jaw literally dropped when she crossed paths with the superstar in the hallway of The Sheraton Hotel in New York City Saturday night. "Do I know you?"

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Monaghan, who in NY to visit her daughter that weekend, said: "I looked at her and all I could think was, 'No one is going to believe me'". "So people would believe me".

Scroll through Beyonce's Instagram post to see the photo here.

She was so stunned that she didn't take a selfie with Beyonce and Jay-Z, so she figured no one would believe she actually saw them.

But our favourite response is this, so on the money. Because Beyonce: 'LMAOO this has me weak cause she could've easily cropped that woman out but she said "NO".

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