Apple releases HomePod, available now from

Apple releases HomePod, available now from


The company has posted environmental data showing that the HomePod uses no more than 9.25W of power when playing music at 50 percent volume. HomePod only works if you have an iOS device.

HomePod has a unique array of seven beamforming tweeters.

Not sure many people will be switching from Amazon's Alexa or Google's Home interactions for a better speaker, so Apple may be looking at increasing the size of the market. Keep in mind the Google Home Max and the Sonos 1 both offer sound that will be close, but apple has a trick with the HomePod.

Apple's HomePod will only work with Apple services to begin with, meaning you can only listen to Apple Music on your Apple HomePod, and use Apple's voice assistant Siri.

Depending on who you ask, the HomePod is one of two things. Make us yearn. Release some more details on its use, shows us some videos, give us some examples of its additional Siri capabilities, even give us a hint of how it will work with Apple TV once AirPlay 2 is released.

HomePod is a new wireless speaker with built-in Siri controls by Apple. However, Amazon's Echo devices and the Google Home device play music, although they may not possess the impressive acoustics of the Apple HomePod.

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This is when Apple showed us that it moves more like a huge ship turning in the ocean instead of an agile one turning on a dime. Concerning China's decline in phone shipments, Simon says Americans will always buy new phones for new features, but China is a different market and Apple will need to learn how to adjust.

There is obviously considerable debate over which of the smart speakers performs letter, but the general consensus of opinion is that Google Home is ultimately the victor. While Siri has proven to be adept at ordering food, sending messages, and getting directions, it fell behind the other two assistants in our testing when it came to smart home skills, general knowledge, and online shopping, among others.

Apple will lead you to believe that if they make it, they will come (and buy it). While neither are particularly eye-catching, they're also pretty unobtrusive on the whole. It is smart, powered by Siri and capable of intelligently adjusting its output to its surroundings.

But I walked away feeling impressed and surprised by how much I liked how it sounded, and found myself imagining how it would fit into my home life. The Apple HomePod is by far the most expensive of the three, being released at the retail price of $350.

Until we're able to test it further, there's no way to know whether HomePod's fantastic sound quality outweighs the downsides.

  • Kyle Warner