5 things you need to know about Nintendo Labo

The first two Nintendo Labo packs -a variety pack and a robot pack- are released on 27 April 2018 in the UK. The console's JoyCon controllers would then fit inside these accessories Nintendo surprised gamers and investors alike by unveiling new cardboard accessories which interact with games for its Switch console.

You can not use Nintendo Labo without a Nintendo Switch, outright. Called Nintendo Labo, the first wave of the buildable "Toy-Con" range from a small remote control vehicle to a wearable robot jet-pack.

The "Robot Kit," seen above, is specifically made to play with a game where you play as a giant robot that's smashing buildings.

Last night when I got home, I sat in my office and was watching and researching the Nintendo Labo teaser. We haven't used Labo in person just yet, but it looks like a corresponding Labo app on the Switch will guide users along in the setup process (rather than, say, Nintendo providing written instructions).

As I sat there, under the glow of my monitor with the playful Nintendo Labo tune playing, my 10-year old son walked by to tell me YouTube had suggested Jake and Logan Paul for him and he wanted to know how to remove that suggestion.

Nintendo Labo DIY Kit

When Labo launches on April 20, it'll cost buyers a minimum of $69.99 for the cheapest kit. Ltd.'s latest innovation, dubbed Nintendo Labo. It also has knobs for tweaking the output and creating new noises, and you'll dock the Switch right into the little paper piano. Only our kids have systems we never could have imagined, like the Nintendo Switch.

Labo really highlights the Switch's unique capabilities and showcases Nintendo's constant endeavor to play a different game entirely than other gaming companies. Basically, it's a set of minigames, plus some cardboard cutouts that you assemble into different objects, such as a piano keyboard, a motorcycle, fishing rod, etc. Once you feel a vibration from the Joy-Con inserted in the reel, you must tug the Fishing Rod upward and crank the reel quickly to try and complete the catch!

And as always, Nintendo wants to remind parents that they can monitor what their kids have access to as they play with the Switch and new DIY kits. Pressing the ignition button starts the engine, while twisting the right handle activates the throttle.

Once connected to the Joy-Con controller, the Labo project becomes a digitally augmented toy.

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