Google expands network adding new regions and subsea cables

Along with these new cables, Google Cloud has also announced plans to open up to new regions, according to Ben Treynor, 24x7 VP at Google Cloud.

The new cables include Curie, which will link Chile to Los Angeles; Havfrue, connecting the U.S. to Denmark and Ireland; and the Hong-Kong-Guam (HK-G) cable system, linking up "major subsea communication hubs in Asia", Google's Vice President for 24/7 Operations Ben Treynor Sloss wrote in a blog post.

Google plans to commission the three subsea cables in 2019, the internet giant said in a blog post.

Each of the subsea cables have been given their own name: Curie is a private cable connecting Chile to Los Angeles; Havfrue is a consortium cable connecting the United States to Denmark and Ireland; and the Hong Kong-Guam cable system (HK-G) is another consortium cable that will link major underwater communicaton hubs in Asia.

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Google has direct investment in a total of 11 cables, including these upcoming projects. Google will become the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable. Since Google controls the design and the construction of the cable, the company has full say over the technical specifications, he noted. It now has 15 regions made up of 44 zones.

A second cable, which will run from the USA east coast to Denmark, with a stopover in Ireland, will be 7242 kms in length. This means companies in these regions who leverage Google's Cloud Platform for their server capacity in these regions will experience higher performance and fewer service disruptions. Google is also invested in Indigo which connects Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore, and PLCN which connects Hong Kong and Los Angeles, both of which will also enter service in 2019. Today it announced three new undersea cables scheduled to go online next year. And once deployed, Google will be in a better position to make routing decisions based on latency and availability. Once deployed, Curie will be Chile's largest single data pipe. TE has already begun scoping out the cable's potential route.

Its "Curie" cable, named after legendary physicist Marie Curie, will run from Chile to Los Angeles and be privately owned by Google and its parent company, Alphabet. Google is coming to you, and it's coming fast.

  • Regina Walsh