Detroit father deported to Mexico after 30 years living in US

Cindy says Jorge has been checking in with ICE and working to gain citizenship for the past 13 years.

Garcia is a landscaper, lived in Detroit, father of two children - 12-year-old Jorge Jr. and 15-year-old Soleil -and, according to his wife, is without a criminal record or any traffic tickets.

In other words, Garcia was figuratively kicked down the road by the previous administration's policies of not enforcing immigration laws on the books, and now that the Trump Administration has made a decision to enforce the laws, Garcia becomes the new face of government cruelty for immigration advocates. Garcia is too old to qualify for DACA, which allows the children of undocumented immigrants to legally work and study in the U.S.

Garcia's wife Cindy is trying to bring him back to the U.S. They also have two children.

Garcia cried as he held each heartbroken family member at Detroit Metropolitan airport, as onlookers stood nearby with signs reading "stop separating families".

Authorities told Cindy Garcia that her husband would not be allowed to return, a move that has left the family "broken", said Mayra Valle, a family friend at the airport, per The Detroit News. Jorge was a child. "This is outrageous. We never expected this would happen".

"It was touch-and-go throughout the Obama administration", but Jorge Garcia had no chance when President Donald Trump started going for the "low-hanging fruit", said Shelley.

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"The officer told us because of the new Trump administration, because he had an order of supervision and an order of deportation, he had to leave", Ms. Garcia said.

She urged others to be sympathetic toward the issue of immigration.

One supporter denounced the decision to take Garcia from his family on Martin Luther King Day.

Cindy and Jorge Garcia met in Detroit and have been married for 15 years, she said. "This is the place he knows".

Jorge Garcia said he had asked ICE officials if they could wait until new DACA legislation is passed, which might expand the age range for immigrants to qualify. "Day?" Erik Shelley, a leader with Michigan United, an immigrant rights group, told the Free Press.

"Get to know the facts before you make a judgment", she said.

She says her husband's deportation didn't feel real until they were at the airport saying goodbye. "You have no choice but to face it head on and accept what is being thrown at you because there is nothing else that you can do".

  • Regina Holmes