Do Not Disturb Feature Coming to Xbox One

It also seems that these systems will incorporate achievements in some way, rewarding experience points that contribute toward levels in your overarching career.

Microsoft has announced some new features that will be heading to the Xbox One, including a Do Not Disturb mode and mini game hubs. It's worth noting that PS4 owners already have an "appear offline" option, offering similar results.

New “Career” System Would Bring Loot Boxes to Xbox Live — Report

Alpha testers, or Xbox Insiders as they're called, will be able to check out the "Next Achievements" feature. Turning this feature on will take care of the annoying invite and messages which friends love to send. A year ago they announced a collaboration with Microsoft and was looking for co-workers for a "toys-to-life game based on a major franchise", and this does indeed sound a whole lot like the same game Electric Square is working on. It's equipped with all the desktop client's best-loved features, including support for addons - which is where the usual controversy comes into play. With this update, you'll be able to use the "Next Achievements" feature in the Guide, which enables you to view and sort a cross-games list of upcoming Achievements.

A miniaturised version of Game Hubs has been added to the Guide. Through this gadget, players can get knowledge of upcoming Achievements and Look for Group posts, without opening a full-screen application. The update is only available in the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program for now, but it will be coming to regular users outside of the Xbox Insider program in the coming months once it goes through all the required testing. Although the feature has been waited by the user for a long time but still now its here for good.

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He apparently was, but in the restroom, however, when he re-entered the room he agreed to sit in on the episode viewing. Pitt was then outbid by a fellow gala-goer who raised the bid to $160,000, ending the auction.

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