Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is richer than anyone has ever been

Bezos and Gates have been fighting for the top spot for a while; Bezos was briefly the richest man in the world in July, before his share prices dropped a few hours later.

Jeff Bezos's net worth reached $105.1 billion Monday on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as Inc. shares added to a 12-month surge that's lifted the online shopping giant's market value by nearly 57 percent.

So far in 2018, the e-commerce giant's shares have jumped 6.6 per cent.

The only others to surpass Gates as the world's richest person were Warren Buffett and Mexican business mogul Carlos Slim.

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Bezos came under fire a year ago when The New York Times questioned his level of philanthropic giving.

Gates, 62, would have a net worth of more than $150 billion if he'd held onto assets that he's given away, largely to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The majority of Bezos' fortune comes from the 78.9 million Amazon shares he owns.

Shares of Amazon are up almost 7% so far in this year after rising 56% in 2017. He first crossed the $100 billion net worth mark in November at the start of the holiday shopping season, once again helped by stock performance of Amazon.

  • Ronnie Bowen