Nvidia Shows Off Giant Gaming Monitor at CES 2018

Nvidia Shows Off Giant Gaming Monitor at CES 2018


The display showcased at CES 2018 is 65-inch wide and has an AU Optronics panel.

NVIDIA is well known in the gaming industry for their GPUs for PCs and Notebooks. The new displays are specially targetting the gamers with low latency rate. Nope the feature list of the BFGD doesn't stop there, insane I know, it also has (like most things at CES) Google Assistant built-in, so basically you just yell at the screen and cool stuff happens. G-SYNC technology brings the ultra-low latency found in G-SYNC desktop gaming monitors to the BFGD when gaming directly on the PC, Android, another console or using NVIDIA GameStream technology from a desktop or laptop gaming PC.

Apple says iOS is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre issues
All iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by Meltdown and Spectre bugs, Apple has told users of its devices. Apple's Spectre fix is still to come, though those vulnerabilities are harder to exploit, according to researchers.

You can also stream media content as it comes with the integration of Android TV based Nvidia Shield. Imagine a high-end 65-inch 4K resolution HDR display able to give you visuals at 120Hz refresh rate (that's double the normal frequency) - that has an NVIDIA SHIELD integrated with it. We are also unsure if it will make its way to our shores but if it does, its going to be one glorious screen too game on! Unsurprisingly, it sounds nearly identical to Nvidia's, with the same 4K resolution, HDR10 support, a 120Hz refresh rate, G-Sync support and integrated Nvidia Shield technology. The bundled SHIELD remote and game controller allow for easy navigation and access to all of the world's biggest streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and Hulu. At CES 2018, Acer is taking the wraps off the Predator BFGD, its take on Nvidia's display concept. Manufacturers such as Acer, Asus and HP will be putting these on the market. The first OEMs to announce G-Sync BFGDs are Asus with the ROG Swift PG65 and Acer with the Predator BFGD. The pricing and more details of the device will be revealed later.

  • Kyle Warner