Brad Pitt Bid $120000 To Watch "Game of Thrones" With Emilia Clarke

The movie star and producer attended a charity gala hosted by Sean Penn and offered to pay $120,000 for a chance to watch an episode of "Game of Thrones" with Emilia Clarke.

The price for this once in a lifetime opportunity started at $20,000, but as the bidding amount rose one auctioneer yelled: out "Is the King of the North here?" as in the "King" Kit Harington.

What a nice life it must be to be able to bid six figures on watching a TV ep, right?!

Brad Pitt is serious about "Game of Thrones" fandom - at least when there's philanthropy involved. The actor reportedly offered $80,000, before outbidding himself with $90,000.

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Pitt was then outbid by a fellow gala-goer who raised the bid to $160,000, ending the auction. He apparently was, but in the restroom, however, when he re-entered the room he agreed to sit in on the episode viewing. The event brought in $4 million for J/P Hatian Relief Organization and its nonprofit partner organizations, the Associated Press reports.

Also in attendance were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Segel and Leonardo DiCaprio, who was honoured for his work in combating climate change.

The auction drama continued as DiCaprio bid $80,000 for an original Josh Smith painting that ended up in Clarke's hands after she outbid him with $90,000. The 54-year-old actor raised his final bid to USD120,000 (RM478,500)!

  • Stacy Houston