Celebrities Are Safe, Luv Tyagi Bids Adieu To The Show

Throughout the season, Akash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma were seen playing with Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi playing in alliance with Hina Khan but the Mount BB task this week brought the commoners together who made a decision to stood against the celebrities - leaving their friendships behind - in their zest to reach the finale.

But before they do that, the contestants will also have to defend themselves from each others' attacks in the house. Then Luv also sides with Vikas as he tells her that most of Hina's on-camera shots depict her lying in bed.

Meanwhile, Shilpa makes fun of Hina. Thus, Vikas and Luv get into a heated argument in which Vikas says Luv is not loyal to his friends.

The episode ended with voting lines being opened live for viewers while Puneesh and Hina gave speeches about why they deserve to win. Hina and Luv get into an argument.

The delhi-based man, had entered BB11 as a padosi and managed to grab attention not just because of his strategies and charm, but also because of his friendship with television actress Hina Khan. Ever wondered how the audition of the commoners, or the celebs is like?

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Shilpa goes fourth and Vikas tells her that she is not really interested in the game - maybe it is because she is overconfident that she will win. Contestants were recently taken to Vashi's InOrbit Mall and the popularity of these contestants created a chaos there. Shilpa mentions that she does all the cooking, but Vikas says she can't see the other people who are working hard at keeping the house clean. Within fifteen minutes, they were escorted and taken away from the mall. The contestants were kept at a distance from the crowd in a cage sort of set-up.

The four contestants return to the house.

Salman Khan then asks the contestants to count their votes from the ballot box, while Puneesh helps them!

In the upcoming episodes, the contestants will be seen facing questions from a bunch of journalists who will ask tricky questions to the contestants. Vikas jokes that he lost out on few votes as some of his fans were left standing near the vanity van and couldn't even enter the mall. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Megan Austin