LG unveils 4K projector capable of outputting 150-inch projection

LG unveils 4K projector capable of outputting 150-inch projection


Consumer Electronics giant LG has confirmed that it will introduce its first-ever 4K UHD projector, dubbed as HU80KA at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, to be held at Las Vegas. The HU80KA is a pretty impressive projector from LG, as the company had looked to solve some of the issues with other high-end projectors, which included difficulty in installing it.

Known under the product code HU80KA, the new LG 4K projector is known as the most affordable yet premium UHD projector in the market. According to LG, the new UHD projector, called the HU80KA is approximately half the size of a now available 4K projector. The company promises superb cinematic experiences thanks to its excellent 4K picture quality and portability, enabling users to create a true movie environment in any room of the house. With the global 4K projector market expected to grow rapidly, LG is confident that its leadership in the LED projector segment can be repeated in the 4K projector segment as well.

The HU80KA projector also sports a convenient tower shape which LG said can be placed just about anywhere to project content on to a suitable surface. In addition to being a 4K-capable projector, it also has support for HDR 10.

The company hails its mirrorless I-shaped engine technology for being able to attain the compact size and design of the projector. Giving you an incredible viewing experience.

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LG says that its the design and build "gives the projector the capability to show ideal images whether it is placed on the ground, mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling". It can be easily connected to an external speaker via Bluetooth, HDMI or optical output. As far as content goes, customers won't have any issues finding anything to watch.

In case you were wondering, the HU80KA runs webOS similar to the current lineup of LG's TVs.

With the announcement of the LG HU80KA, LG did not mention any pricing or availability for this projector.

  • Kyle Warner