Snow and frigid temperatures expected leading up to Christmas

While some may like wearing shorts on Christmas, it seems the overwhelmingly majority wants cold air, and most importantly snow, on Christmas.

The GFS models, one of the American forecast models, is the less snowy model.

While our Monday started with some fog and those same abundant clouds that blanketed our skies throughout most of the weekend, some sunshine finally managed to break through for a time this afternoon.

With the Christmas holiday and all the traveling that goes along with it almost here, we thought we would break down what we see coming in the forecast that could get in the way of flight and drive times.

Look for more updates later this week, plus travel forecasts focused on the nation's busiest airports. Keep in mind, everything I'm stating now could be different by the end of this week! Both models eventually show very cold air coming to most of the USA over the next week to ten days.

Friday: A cold front will advance east across the Tennessee Valley and Midwest, with rain arriving in the Appalachians during the afternoon and evening.

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Black ice may have formed in spots that had overnight temperatures at or below 30 degrees, the service said. This could lead to the coldest weather so far this season Christmas Eve and Day. The first is, it is warmer in the afternoon for Christmas eve and it now doesn't show any precipitation in the area. Winter precipitation somewhere across Texas or the southeastern a scenario the American model has been advertising the past several days. The snapshot below is what the model is showing for Christmas morning.

Now, the situation is a little different with the EURO solution. Highs reaching the upper 50's!

Whether that cold air meets up with any moisture to create any snow or ice in central Virginia in the days after Christmas is an even bigger "if".

As we have talked about for the last two weeks, our confidence is high that our weather pattern is turning more active with storm potential near Christmas. In fact, it could be rather unsettled right through Christmas Day itself, and possibly a bit beyond the holiday too.

But what about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? All we need is the snow, and models are now suggesting we will see some. It has backed off significantly on showing winter precipitation across the south-central US, but it's been flipping back and forth, so that could change.

Stronger winds are then due to move south, hitting the United Kingdom from Boxing Day to New Year's Day with two further low pressure zones on their way. At least the forecast could be a little interesting this year and not the clear-cut warm forecast that's usually to be expected. But a gusty northwesterly wind will make it feel even colder. The key is knowing when the cold air will come in and how cold things could be.

  • Regina Walsh