Turkey says regrets to see veto of United Nations resolution on Jerusalem

The United States on Monday vetoed a draft UN resolution rejecting President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, after all 14 other Security Council members backed the measure.

The UN draft resolution affirmed "that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character, status or demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal effect, are null and void and must be rescinded in compliance with relevant resolutions of the Security Council". "The draft resolution is not adopted due to a negative vote of a permanent member", said Koro Bessho, Japan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations who presides Security Council in December. "It won't be forgotten", US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said after the vote, adding that it was the first veto cast by the US in more than six years.

Explaining the negative vote (veto), US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley said it had been done to protect United States' sovereignty and its right to choose where to have its embassy.

"The United States will not be told by any country where we can put our embassy", Haley told the council after the veto.

Ahead of the vote, Haley said the Security Council was putting peace out of reach by "injecting itself" into the conflict and passing judgement on issues that should be decided by direct negotiation between the parties.

Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said the USA veto "represents a complete bias with the [Israeli] occupation and aggression", CNN reports.

Trump abruptly reversed decades of U.S. policy this month when he recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital, generating outrage from Palestinians and the Arab world and concern among Washington's western allies.

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The US and the global community have long maintained that the solution to the Middle East conflict would be the formation of a Palestinian state - alongside the Israeli one - with East Jerusalem as its capital.

But one by one, ambassadors of the 14 countries that supported the resolution said after the vote that the USA violated council resolutions which make clear that no country can unilaterally decide that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

In the fairy tale, can't-we-all-get-along world Mr. Weinstein inhabits, supporting or voting on fancy-sounding proposals is all it takes to make himself feel like a good guy and to fool other people into believing that he is "doing something" when he's not. And she insisted that this position "is fully in line with the previous Security Council resolutions".

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas the US should no longer be involved in brokering a Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Every Jew on earth - in fact, every decent person on earth - should be applauding the fact that President Trump called out the decades-long charade - and failure - of the Middle East "peace process".

In Netanyahu's words, "One defeated the many, truth defeated lies".

  • Megan Austin