Google Launches New App to Save Mobile Data

Google Launches New App to Save Mobile Data


Well apart from that, Google announced the Files Go storage manager app and Android Oreo (Go Edition) for entry-level devices. Devices with Android Oreo Go edition will start shipping in India in the first half of 2018, Google said. After Android Oreo, subsequent Android versions will also have a Go edition. Phones running Android Oreo (Go edition) will hit shelves in the coming months. What that means is that Google will need active support from its developer community to come up with "Go" versions of their respective apps to populate Play Store Go, sans which, there might be not enough takers for Android Go powered handsets. This was among the several India-focused announcements the internet giant made on Tuesday, chief among them being a version of Android called Android Go, which consumes less data and comes with a suite of "Go" apps that take up less space. If users are unsure whether they want to delete a file forever, they can select it from the Files menu and easily back it up to Google Drive or any other cloud storage app. Google Assistant, a Siri-like app that responds to voice commands on a phone, can now crack jokes with Bollywood references and even respond to commands in Indian languages. Google has improved the performance and storage of the operating system with data management features and security benefits built-in. In May, Android Go was announced as a project in the pipeline at the annual Google I/O conference in the US. Google claims that this makes it easy to find top websites and apps, trending images and gifs, and more with minimal typing.

The Files Go app is also said to create a closed network that can be accessible only by approved smartphones in any particular area to share files by creating a hotspot.

Launching another India first product, Two-Wheeler Mode in Google Maps, Martha Welsh, Director Google Maps said, "India is the world's largest two-wheeler market and the navigation needs of these millions of riders are different from automobile drivers".

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Google touts the Assistant for JioPhone as a special version designed for the JioPhone, and of course, it's built for India.

Google's Play Store will also include a new section aimed at apps for entry-level devices, although these devices should also be able to download any app, assuming that there's room for it.

Google also announced launch of bill payments on Tez.

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