Major temperature drop and late week winter weather chance for some

After a couple of attractive days with temperatures in the 60's, it appears winter weather, including accumulating snow, is headed our way starting tomorrow.

"By Friday the United Kingdom will be in an Arctic Maritime air mass with temperatures across the country staying in low single figures by day and below freezing by night".

Tuesday unseasonably warm air moves in with mid to low 70s likely!

Arctic wind will bring snow, hail and 60mph gusts to the United Kingdom this week as temperatures fall again.

A major shift in weather across the eastern half of the United States is predicted to develop over the next three or four days, and National Weather Service meteorologists say much colder weather will blanket the Carolinas by the end of the work week.

Computer models are painting two scenarios for Friday, according to the weather service in Huntsville, with one suggesting there will be light precipitation across north and parts of central Alabama, when high temperatures will make it only to the 40s.

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A strong cold front will bring rain into the area this afternoon and evening, followed by a major cool down that could last weeks.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with a high near 33 degrees. Mornings will be in the 30s starting Thursday and at or below freezing for most Friday through Monday. "It will be very cold and get progressively colder coming into Friday".

It could bring light snow to north Alabama on Saturday morning, which would change to rain in the afternoon as temperatures rise. "There will be wintry showers consisting of hail and snow, but it looks like Dublin won't be hit too hard compared to the north-west".

The coldest night of 2017 so far was January 30 when Braemar, Aberdeenshire, fell as low as -10.1C (13.8F). Temperatures were in the lower 40's at the onset of this event but as the rain continued to fall, well so did the temperatures.

"Temperatures will struggle to get much above 5 or 6C (41 to 43F)".

  • Stacy Houston