Microsoft plans to rebuild its suburban headquarters

Microsoft plans to rebuild its suburban headquarters


The campus will include space for up to 55,000 employees-Microsoft now employs 47,000 people in the Redmond area. Over the next several years, the company will level some of the existing structures, put up 18 new buildings, and renovate 6.7 million square feet. Apple Inc. opened its sprawling new main campus in Cupertino, California, earlier this year, while now looking for a city to host a second headquarters projected to cost more than $5 billion. We will create that workplace in part by applying our learnings from our other recent campus redevelopment projects in Redmond, Vancouver B.C. and the Paddington office in London, and how they have enabled teams to collaborate, showcase our workspace and related technologies for customers and, most importantly, enhance the experience for employees. As 18 new buildings would be constructed on the Microsoft Redmond Campus, 12 older buildings would be bulldozed.

In fact, the Redmond company is taking a fairly "new age" approach to its campus, touting it nearly as somewhere workers will not want to leave. A redesign and expansion a decade ago began to change that, with an emphasis on open floor plans and flexible, collaborative spaces, but the auto was still king-as evidenced by a 5,000-spot underground parking garage that underpinned the company's last big expansion, begun a decade ago.

A two-acre open air plaza will house running and walking trails, soccer and cricket fields, and retail space.

Microsoft announced the development to employees Tuesday evening. To create more space and facilitate a pedestrian-friendly environment, the company will move its 131 buildings closer together and relocate parking facilities underground. (Construction is expected to begin next fall.) Microsoft has some 47,000 employees in the region now.

Sierra Nevada satisfied with Dream Chaser glide test
Along with SpaceX and Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada is under contract from NASA for as many as six cargo flights to the station. Dream Chaser, which looks like a smaller version of the Space Shuttle, would initially be launched on an Atlas V rocket.

That transportation emphasis is perhaps the biggest difference from the expansion plan a decade ago.

PixabayMicrosoft Redmond campus - what are the plans?

The developer of the Spring District, by the way, is Wright Runstad, which back in 1986 built the first six X-shaped buildings that will be replaced as part of this latest renovation.

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