Christmas tree prices up amid shortage this holiday season

The trees at Papa Noel are 1,000 miles away from where they first sprouted.

Pepper says he hopes to see all the families come back next year, but for now, he gets them going home with the Christmas spirit.

A Christmas tree shortage could have effects on shoppers in the Lowcountry, bringing the possibility of live trees going out of stock early.

And since Christmas trees grow about a foot a year, it's the smaller crop of recession-era trees that's just now hitting tree lots around the Bay Area.

Santa's Forest was where you'd go to cut down your own tree in Kern County.

"So as that catches up today, there is a shortage of trees because they slowed in planting and it takes a number of years to get caught back up", adds Foder. The recent spate of hurricanes and possibly even Christmas tree farmers pivoting to pot have also bumped up prices this year.

"Mother Nature has never treated us better than this year", White said.

It's a classic example of supply and demand, National Christmas Tree Association spokesman Doug Hundley said.

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A tradition that some families have kept up for years.

"We always turn the lights off anytime that we're not home and we actually turn the heat down in the room that we have tree in, especially when were not home".

On top of issues from the drought, "choose and cuts" require more employees to maintain, New said.

That's the signature tree of North Carolina, one of the nation's Christmas tree industry powerhouses, said Jennifer Greene, North Carolina Christmas Tree Association executive director.

According to Macklin, the average size trees they sell, cost about $100 a year ago. Macy tried to purchase Grand firs from OR, but the farmer had to cancel the sale because a heat wave "fried the trees", Macy said.

He's been growing and selling them for 34 years.

Witt, who wore a green sequinned Christmas tree headband as she loaded boxes of tree baubles in the auto at Home Depot on Friday, does not agree.

"Locally", he said, "we should be fine". He also said in 2011 Cardinal Tree Farm planted more trees with the thought of this lower supply coming on.

  • Megan Austin