TMZ: Model Chrissy Teigen pregnant with baby #2

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, also captioned the video "it's john's!"

"Baby", replies the year-and-half-old Luna.

The day before, Chrissy had posed a "major life dilemma" to her 8.5million followers, in the form of a two-option poll: BANGS (CUTE!) (YOLO!) or NO BANGS (INSTANT REGRET).

Speaking in an open letter for Glamour magazine, Chrissy admitted that she struggled with her mental health after a "wonderful, energetic pregnancy", causing her to become short with those around her and withdrawn.

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'Luna, what's in here?' Chrissy can be heard saying in the background of the clip, with baby Luna pointing at her mom's stomach and saying, 'Baby!' People think it happens so easily, but the stars really have to align to have a baby, and it is a little miracle.

"It's John's!" read the accompanying caption. News just last week she "just wanted to knock 'em out" and declared: "That's my dream, I just want to be pregnant for the rest of my life".

Teigen hasn't shared any details yet as far as due date or gender, but we have no doubt she will clue us in as time goes on. Not for the rest of my life, but for the rest of my fertile life! But after narrowing them down to the ones "you know are going to be good for your body", only three remained.

Sounds like she's been showing for a lot longer than we thought!

  • Stacy Houston