Ex- US President Obama in Chicago as would-be juror

Potential jurors are marking the fact they were summoned for duty in downtown Chicago on the same day that former President Barack Obama has been called to serve.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans shared with the outlet that Obama was dismissed from taking part in the jury process.

No longer the world's most powerful politician, Obama approached the court like an ordinary American waiting to carry out his civic duty.

"Look at this. Did you know I was coming?" he asked one man who held a copy of Obama's "Dreams From My Father".

Nor is he the first famous Chicagoan to be called to jury duty. "You brought a book and everything!" He did get called for jury duty in Cook Country once as president, in 2010, where he used the convenient excuse of running the country and writing this State of the Union address to get out of it.

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Obama arrived at the justice center in Chicago by motorcade, according to several US media reports that showed him entering the building and being greeted by people at the courthouse.

He is not the first former US President to be considered for jury service.

For his troubles, Obama is in line to receive $17.20 - the daily rate of pay for performing this civic duty.

Obama owns a home in the Kenwood neighborhood on Chicago's South Side. But if he is like other would-be jurors, Obama will have to watch a decades-old video in which a much younger Lester Holt, who was a local news anchor before he became a national news anchor, explains the ins-and-outs of jury duty.

  • Megan Austin