Trump Will Consider Sending NYC Terrorist to Guantanamo Bay

President Donald Trump unloaded during a press appearance on Wednesday on the 29-year-old man accused of ramming into a bike lane and killing eight people in New York City, suggesting he would consider sending the suspect to the military prison at the United States naval base on Guantanamo Bay.

"Send him to Gitmo-I would certainly consider that".

"Representatives from the Center for Constitutional Rights, which has defended detainees in the prison, said Trump only wanted to send Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect in the attack that left eight dead, to the facility because he's Muslim".

Mr Trump said the U.S. needed "far greater" punishment for such "animals".

Trump, who spoke at the top of a Cabinet meeting, also used the appearance to call for an end to the Diversity Visa Program under which the terrorist entered the country. "We have to get much less politically correct".

In July, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions travelled to Cuba to gain "an up-to-date understanding of current operations" at Guantanamo Bay, calling the prison he has called a "perfectly acceptable" place to detain new terrorism suspects as opposed to holding them in the U.S. and having his own Justice Department try them in civilian courts. In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, McCain said: "The terrorist attack in NY is the latest brutal, horrific example of the war that radical Islamist extremists are waging against our nation and our way of life".

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"My administration is coordinating closely between federal and local officials to investigate the attack and to further investigate this animal who did the attacking", Trump said.

"We need quick justice and we need strong justice", he said.

Since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, no suspected terrorists detained on USA soil have been sent to Guantánamo. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Saipov should be held as an enemy combatant for intelligence gathering, the Post and Courier reports.

"He appears to have followed, nearly exactly to a tee, the instructions that ISIS has put out in its social media channels before with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack", Miller said. "Because what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughingstock".

Obama's predecessor, Republican President George W. Bush, opened the Guantanamo center after the September 11, 2001, attacks to house and try terrorism suspects in military tribunals.

"Sending Saipov to Guantánamo or treating him as an "enemy combatant" would violate due process and the rule of law", Romero said.

  • Megan Austin