Podesta Group, Mercury Are Companies 'A' and 'B' in Indictment

The Podesta Group was wrapped up in the indictments announced on Monday because of work related to Ukraine it did for Manafort.

News reported that Tony Podesta's firm is the "Company B" mentioned in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

The letter from Podesta's lawyer claimed the lobbying firm never worked with Manafort, despite details in the indictment clearly stating the group did work on behalf of the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine to promote Ukraine in the U.S. Company A refers to Mercury Public Affairs and Company B refers to the Podesta Group, three sources with knowledge of the investigation told the news outlet. His decision to step down is a significant effect of Mueller's probe, but he's drawn outsize interest on the right because he's the brother of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Over the course of several years, the ECMU paid the Podesta Group $1.13 million to lobby Congress, according to the AP.

One of the most powerful Democrat-linked families on K-Street continued to fight back Tuesday against the White House, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian investigation and even Fox News for reporting on the spiraling probe.

The inquiry is reportedly into Podesta's work for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, which was not disclosed until after payments from the group to Podesta's firm were discovered by the press.

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According to the indictment, Manafort began his work for the Party of Regions, led by Viktor F. Yanukovych, in 2006.

Both Manafort's firm and the Podesta Group filed FARA registrations for the ECMU work only after the payments were reported by the media past year.

Among the allegations is that they did not properly disclose the lobbying work under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a law that is nearly never used to bring criminal cases. "Based on our due diligence and on the recommendation of definitive legal experts, the firm immediately filed the appropriate public disclosures of its representation of the ECFMU over five years ago, and in eight subsequent public filings".

"The Podesta Group has fully cooperated with the special counsel's office and taken every possible step to provide documentation that confirms compliance with the law", the company said in a statement. The Podesta Group's work for ECFMU, a non profit think tank, was in support of Ukraine's admission to the European Union, a position supported by foreign policy experts at the time.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted in an effort to draw more attention to Podesta's resignation.

  • Megan Austin