Teens get their own Amazon accounts (if their parents let them)

Teens get their own Amazon accounts (if their parents let them)


Amazon has announced a new service that will open up its gargantuan ecommerce platform to millions more teenagers.

Amazon (AMZN) now wants teenagers to shop on their own without mom and dad chiming in.

Minors ages 13 through 17 will now be allowed to create their own login and independently shop on the Amazon app, instead of using their parents' account log in. "We've listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents", said Michael Carr, Vice President, Amazon Households. Parents can either sign up their teen, or a teen can send an invitation to mom or dad via SMS or email. Parents can then allow or deny the attempt with a simple "Y" or "N" reply to the automated message.

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The new service, available using Amazon's app, is an attempt to give teens a bit more autonomy, the company said. "This is a move that will get families deeper into Amazon, while also cultivating future Prime members". Users have to fill out some information about their child, including their name, birthdate and phone number. This lets parents review any purchases made and the payment type used before finalising the transaction. Your teen can also include a personal note like "I need this book for class". Indeed, parents can elect to receive a text or email that shows the cost of an item and shipping address, while the kid can add a personalized plea to win approval, such as: "I need this new shirt for church". The parent can approve the order by text or they can visit their orders page to review it in more detail.

For parents who trust their kids won't go insane on orders, they can remove the approval step. "Parents receive itemized notifications for every order and can cancel and return any item in accordance with Amazon's policies".

With the program, teens can also access select Amazon Prime benefits if you have an Amazon Prime account.

  • Kyle Warner