Twitter Testing 'Save for Later' Feature To Bookmark Tweets

Twitter is finally building a new bookmarking feature which means you can save interesting tweets that you want to read later. At present, if you want to save a tweet for later, you have to either message it to yourself or Like it. All the tweets added to Bookmarks can then be accessed through a list in settings. The Twitter bookmarking feature has actually been a top request from the community. This interaction basically indicates that they liked the tweet so the bookmarking feature will be good for simply saving tweets for later reading without having to give the impression of liking that particular tweet. Luckily, this new feature will make everything for your eyes only. For feedback, the Twitter team is monitoring #SaveForLater hashtag.

The feature's imminent launch was first announced on Twitter itself.

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In its current incarnation, however, it doesn't look as seamless as it could be, requiring you to tap the More options button under a tweet before you can save an update. By clicking on this icon, an overflow menu will be appeared which will have two options, "share via DM" and the upcoming "Add to Bookmark" features. They can also go through the slightly cumbersome task of direct messaging or emailing a tweet to themselves. Twitter is making a "bookmark" tool that'll let you save posts for later. You can choose from these options to a particular tweet. But it has been confirmed by the Twitter spokesman that soon this feature will be launched.

At the moment Twitter is experimenting with the feature, it's in initial stages and the social media app is looking for the response from the people as they show the designs and research on the feature.

  • Stacy Houston